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Tips to Manage Your Mental Health – Hormone Edition
  Hi All   I hope you are doing well when you read this 🙂   I did an IG live last year with a menstrual coach called Louise Mensah (@louiseamensah) about wellness, hormones and mental health (you can check out the recording on her page or mine @intuitioncounselling).  I thought I would follow it […]
Chronic Illness – Tips To Look After Your Mental Health
    Hello,   I hope you are doing ok.  Chronic illness is close to my heart and this post is both written from the viewpoint of being a therapist but also from my lived experience.  I'm going be be using the terms 'chronic illness' and 'long term health condition' interchangeably.   As with a […]
You don’t need to be in crisis to seek therapy (misconceptions about therapy)
  Hello,   I hope you’re doing well, maybe something about the title of my blog intrigued you, I often get asked who therapy is for or if you need to be in crisis or having a ‘breakdown’ to have therapy.   I would like to invite you to read the following 3 scenarios:   […]
What to Expect From Your 1st Counselling Session
Want to know what to expect in your 1st counselling session?   Hello,  In this post I will be addressing one of the questions I get asked a lot by potential clients.  Imagine, you have spent time finding the right therapist for you, maybe you have been through several initial calls with potential therapists and […]

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